There will be two alternatives:

1. either you book a room through the web site of the convention center ‘Palais du Grand Large’.
It has negotiated the rate and reserved rooms for ICVS’07 attendees. Click here to book a room.

They have two categories of hotels : 2 or 3 star hotels. These are hotels at a walking distance from the ‘Palais du Grand Large’ (10 mn) and are located ‘Intra Muros’ (Saint-Malo old part of town) or on the seaside promenade.
There are 4 different hotels. When booking, ‘Palais du Grand Large’ will ask for personal requirements (disabled person, smoking/no smoking, cheapest rate, a view ...), and according to these, they will propose you one the 4 hotels. It means that when you actually ask for a room, you do not know yet which hotel you will get.

The 4 hotels are the following ones:

2. either you manage this on your own.
There are many web sites where hotels and B&B of Saint-Malo are listed. Remember that ICVS’07 will take place in ‘Le Palais du Grand Large’ which is located near ‘intra muros’ (old part of town) and the harbor. Follow the Google link here

Hotels we like, which are located on the seaside promenade: