The instructions (and the style sheets for Latex and Word) are available on the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series Web site:
"Proceedings and Other Multi-author Volumes"

The number of pages is set to:

- 10 (TEN) PAGES for full presentation,

- 4 (FOUR) PAGES for poster/demonstration.


To send to the organization committee ...

1) the completed and signed copyright form (that you can print from the Web site

- by fax at:

(+33) 5 61 55 62 58

Warning! On the fax header, write:
"to Jean-Pierre Jessel and/or Patrice Torguet".

2) the electronic version of the definitive papers

- put it on the ftp site.

login: anonymous
password: <your e-mail address>

directory: /incoming/ICVS
(cd incoming
cd ICVS)

command: bin
put <your file>

Warning! Be sure to be in binary mode (command bin).
Warning! For confidentiality reasons, it is impossible to display the content of the directory (the command ls or dir gives nothing).

Send then an e-mail to BOTH:

Please, concatenate all the files in a .tar file and compress it (for example by zipping it).

The electronic version must contain:

i) the input files:
- if you are using Latex: .tex files for the tex and .ps or .eps files for the figures,
- if you are using Word: .rtf files,

ii) any style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used,

iii) if you are using Latex: the final .dvi file

iv) the final .ps file (not in reverse order),

v) the .pdf file of the final version of your contribution.


The deadline for sending the definitive version is postponed to :

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 2003 (23:59).

NO EXTRA-TIME will be allowed as the publisher, Springer, requires some time to
process, print and delivery the proceedings.